Ropes Course

Corporate Challenge Barrel of Monkeys Rules


A fun adventure for climbers of all ages and skill levels! Divide up the Adventure Park’s selection of 4 trails (one yellow, one green, one blue, one black).  The team with the best combined times wins! What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? 

Participants will all be provided with harnesses and climbing gear. The Adventure Park will help climbers gear-up, provide a briefing about how the gear works, and let them practice.  Climbers from each team will decide who is going to take on the yellow trail, who is going to climb on green, who is on blue, and who is on black. 


Mettle Events, Inc. will be the timing company and will use an electronic timing system. Each participant will have a RFID tag that will trigger their start time when they cross a starting pad and end their portion of the race when they pass a finish line. 


  • The times for each individual on a team will be added together for a total team time. 
  • Once you cross the starting line, your time will start.  Once your run is completed, you will cross the finish line located_________.
  • If you are touched on the shoulder or another competitor catches up to you, you should let them play through at first opportunity.
  • For this competition, we will allow more than one climber per element, however, safety is our number one concern and it will be up to our staff member’s discretion.
  • If you are attached to the black clip, you have the right of way to continue on.
  • Please be sure to only use your trolley on zip lines. Remember, these are designated with blue tweezles.
  • Our designated pathways are marked, please use the gravel or paved paths when you complete your trails. (Monitors and Signs to help direct)
  • All participants must weigh less than 265 pounds to participate.