Kickball - CC

Corporate Challenge Kickball Rules

Team Composition:

  • Kickball is played with 10 fielders, 4 innings
  • Each team must field eight (8) and no more than ten (10) players; and the 10th player must play the position of catcher. They must also always have three (3) women on the field at all times. Teams are limited to 14 participants per team.
  • The 10 fielders do not have to be in the kicking order, but have to be on the roster.
  • The team Captain or assigned team members will exchange their team written kicking orders upon game check in with the official.

Equipment and Regulation Time:

  • Rubber soled athletic shoes are suggested, cleats are also permitted. Some type of shoe must be worn.
  • At the discretion of the tournament coordinator, a single time limit may be set for all games. Such a time limit may not be shorter than 20 minutes and cannot exceed 45 minutes.

Game Play:

  • Any runner hit in the neck or head is safe, and advances to the base they were running toward when the ball hits the runner
  • Sliding is an automatic out.
  • Pitcher must roll the ball.  If a ball comes above the thigh it is a redo.
  • Players may not leave base until the ball is kicked.  Once the ball is kicked; runners must tag up if the ball is caught in the air by the opposing team.
  • Once the pitcher has the ball in control and on the mound, the play ends.

Fouls & Strikes:

  • A count of four (4) fouls is an out. Foul balls count as strikes.

The spirit of these rules is to ensure a fun environment and participant enjoyment. All games are to be played in a sportsmanlike manner. If necessary, any inconsistencies, discrepancies, and misunderstandings in accordance with the spirit of these rules, will be addressed. These rules are subject to change without notice.