Corporate Challenge Golf Rules

Team Composition:

  • 4 golfers per team

Game Play:

Format:   Best Ball

All players drive tee shots, then chooses the best ball.  Everyone hits from that position and proceeds in that format until hole is completed.  

Men play white tees; Ladies play red tees. 

Mulligans: One mulligan package per person, per team allowed (max of four). You may only use one mulligan per hole.

Rules: Play USGA Rules with the following additions:

  • You may move your ball one club length, no closer to the hole anywhere.  If you elect to play a ball in the rough you shall play from the rough. If you elect to play a ball in a bunker or hazard you shall play from the bunker or hazard.  You cannot change the conditions.  
  • In the event you have a threesome, your team must designate players A, B and C and then alternate the fourth shot throughout the round.